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Microsoft Cloud Platform & Security

In an increasingly digitalized world where efficiency, flexibility and security are paramount, the use of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 is critical to your company’s success. The dynamic nature of the business environment nowadays calls for agile solutions that enable companies to adapt quickly to change, all the while keeping both their data and their applications secure.

This is precisely where Microsoft’s Cloud Platform comes into play, offering a comprehensive range of services and tools that enable companies to modernize their IT infrastructure, develop and operate applications and protect their digital assets at the same time. Using these cloud-based platforms enables companies undergoing digital transformation to increase their competitiveness, promote innovations and, at the same time, protect both their data and their applications from the increasing threats of the cyber world.

We assist you with comprehensively introducing cloud solutions and a stable platform in your company and help you to make the most of previously undiscovered possibilities of Microsoft as a cloud provider. With our help, you can exploit the full potential of the cloud with Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications and benefit from the advantages of a secure and standardized platform from Microsoft.

How does the Microsoft Cloud work?

Individual use of Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft’s cloud, which consists of the individual platforms Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform, offers a comprehensive range of cloud services, including productivity solutions such as SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, as well as infrastructure services ranging from identity management, client management and telephony to computing, storage, databases, artificial intelligence (AI), analysis and much more besides.

The services are operated from globally distributed, high-security and high-availability data centers to ensure the reliable provision of cloud services such as Azure Services. Microsoft provides a wide range of cloud services from virtual machines and data storage in the cloud, to the development of cloud applications with advanced AI and analysis features – within these data centers.

Thanks to the Microsoft Cloud, companies can access and use these services without any need to operate their own physical infrastructure. Usage is either based on user-based licenses or on a pay-as-you-go setup, which means that companies only pay for the cloud computing resources that they actually use. This enables flexible and cost-efficient use of the Azure Cloud and all other Microsoft Cloud services.

How can you use the cloud?

While using the cloud, especially the Microsoft Cloud, is advantageous for companies in many ways, it also requires careful planning and implementation. As a company, we are happy to assist you with making effective use of the cloud. Here are some of the areas where we can support you with Microsoft as a cloud provider:

Needs analysis and strategy development

We help you to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis and develop a cloud strategy that meets your business requirements and objectives.

Identifying suitable workloads

Based on the analysis, we work together to identify the workloads that are best suited to migration to the cloud and develop a migration plan that takes your requirements into account.

Choosing the right cloud services

We help you to select the right Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365 cloud services that best meet your specific requirements and offer you sound advice based on our expertise as Microsoft experts.

Migration and implementation

Our experienced teams assist you with migrating your applications and data to the cloud and ensure a smooth transition. We support you with implementing best practices and proven methods to ensure a successful migration process.

Optimization and continuous improvement

Once the migration is complete, we help you to continuously optimize your use of cloud resources and maximize performance. We monitor your environment and identify optimization opportunities to cut costs and enhance efficiency.

Discover the power of the Microsoft Cloud

Flexibility thanks to the Microsoft Cloud

Scalability and flexibility

Quick adaptation to growing requirements

Maximum security in the Microsoft Cloud

Security and compliance

Robust security infrastructure for data protection and regulatory compliance

Failsafe thanks to Microsoft Cloud

Worldwide availability and reliability

High availability thanks to global infrastructure

Integration of MS products into the Microsoft Cloud

Integration and interoperability

Seamless integration with Microsoft products and broad interoperability

Smart Microsoft Cloud solutions to make your business a success

Entra ID

With Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), which is an important part of the Microsoft Cloud, you get a smart identity and access management solution. It allows you to protect your users’ identity and control access to resources based on individual roles and permissions. Entra ID offers you advanced features such as multi-factor authentication and threat-based monitoring to minimize security risks and meet compliance requirements.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite of productivity and collaboration tools hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. You get access to applications such as Office 365, Teams and SharePoint. These Microsoft apps help you to work more efficiently and collaborate seamlessly. With Microsoft 365, you have first-class tools for communication, collaboration, document management and more besides at your fingertips. Microsoft 365 also offers advanced security features to protect your data and meet compliance requirements.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leading platform that offers a wide range of cloud services, including cloud computing, databases, artificial intelligence and the IoT. You can use Microsoft Azure to develop, implement and scale applications and workloads in the cloud. Thanks to Microsoft Azure’s first-class security features such as integrated threat monitoring, encryption and identity management, you can rest assured that your data and applications are properly protected. Microsoft is one of the most powerful cloud providers, and Azure services are considered to be particularly failsafe. Azure also offers smart features such as machine learning and cognitive services, so you can gain insights from your data and develop innovative solutions.

Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of tools that enable companies to create custom applications, automate workflows and analyze and visualize data. Integrated into the Microsoft Cloud Platform, the Power Platform offers seamless integration with other Microsoft services such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. This integration allows companies to make optimum use of their existing data and processes and to quickly develop scalable solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs. Users can use the Power Platform to create applications and automate workflows without any need for in-depth developer knowledge, speeding up the digital transformation and enhancing efficiency.

Microsoft Security

The Microsoft Cloud offers many different functionalities, but it is also important to find the necessary level of security when using it. In addition to the identities of the end users, protection of the devices and the data on them must be guaranteed too. Our end-to-end security approach enables the implementation of both basic cross-platform security mechanisms and service-specific security measures. Even after implementation of a use case has been completed, we will, of course, assist you with maintaining your security requirements and help you to adapt to a continually changing environment.

Use cases in the Microsoft Cloud


If you would like to provide solutions both for internal use and for your own customers, you may benefit a great deal from the Microsoft Cloud, especially Microsoft Azure. Hosting of everything from simple storage services to your proprietary web app can be efficiently implemented with the cloud. Our standards and packages offer you the opportunity to achieve swift and standardized implementation, for example, when initially setting up an Azure Kubernetes Services Cluster for hosting your customer portal. We also host our own products, such as ORBIS CallingONE and the WorkspaceHub in Azure.

Social Intranet

To make information transparently available throughout the organization as a whole, SharePoint Online used in combination with Viva Engage can form an ideal basis for a Social Intranet. From the homepage with navigation and important news and topic- or organization-specific areas to self-organized communities, Microsoft 365 offers you a wide range of features for a well-structured flow of information. In addition to the technical implementation, we are also happy to provide the organization with the appropriate assistance to make use of a social intranet sustainable.

Business continuity

Securing local on-prem systems with Azure services such as Azure Site Recovery harbors tremendous potential as a first step towards the cloud. Virtual machines can be regularly backed up to the cloud so that they can be made available there with an appropriate restart concept to compensate for failure. This guarantees that your organization will remain operational even in emergency situations. This method can also be used to prepare for the final migration of certain systems to the cloud.

Basic infrastructure

To relieve the burden on IT, certain traditional IT solutions can be mapped with the Microsoft Cloud to use low-maintenance services instead of systems that are costly to operate. With our standardized packages, for example, a local Exchange infrastructure can be replaced by Exchange Online or client management with Intune. Replacing a telephone system with Microsoft Teams can also reduce local resources and, at the same time, provide end users with additional functionality in an app they are familiar with.

Why is ORBIS the perfect partner for your Microsoft Cloud project?

With our extensive specialist knowledge and many years of experience, we help companies to exploit the maximum potential of the Microsoft Cloud Platform. We draw on sound knowledge acquired from numerous projects relating to Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In many instances, packages in which implementations are transparently mapped with clear costs are created, so you can build the Microsoft Cloud with us following a modular principle and prepare it for your specific use cases. We are also by your side to find superb solutions to suit your individual requirements (cloud-only or hybrid cloud), implement them smoothly and continuously optimize them to promote your business success.

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