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Use Microsoft Teams to meet all your landline telephony needs

Making calls has never been easier – now with the flexible SBC from ORBIS CallingONE

In the course of digitalization and with the rise of remote working and working from home, desk-bound telephone systems make everyday teamwork and business operations on the whole very difficult. If you are considering switching your landline telephony to Microsoft Teams, perhaps even across multiple locations or in combination with your personal devices and current PBX systems, our ORBIS CallingONE product is the ideal solution for you and your company.

With ORBIS CallingONE, we offer you and your team a hosted SBC (Session Border Controller) with the greatest possible flexibility and excellent quality. Our service not only includes providing the SBC software in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, but also regularly updating and maintaining the multi-redundant system by our team. It doesn’t matter whether you work with Microsoft Teams Phone, in conjunction with a VoIP system or with traditional analog devices. It goes without saying that we don’t tie you down to a particular plan or telephony provider. The choice of provider and how you would like to use our session border controller is entirely yours.

Microsoft Teams Phone – the phone system in the Microsoft 365 Cloud

Landline telephony is a thing of the past – smoothly transform your company’s entire landline telephony to your familiar Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) landscape with Microsoft Teams Phone. Say goodbye to high acquisition and maintenance costs, not to mention alternating hardware, and start making calls in the world of cloud telephony from Microsoft.

All the doors are open to your company with Microsoft Teams. Basic functions such as providing personal phone numbers and voicemail, not to mention more complex features such as call queues or auto attendants, can be implemented with Microsoft Teams. Both you and your team are reachable on your phone number at all times, whether you are in the office, working from home or outside your network, and whether you are using a desk phone, a PC or a cell phone. Achieve maximum flexibility with MS Teams Phone and integrate your landline telephony even deeper than was ever possible with traditional telephony.

Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone – all the advantages at a glance

  • Intuitive operability in a familiar environment
  • Reachable on your phone number on all devices
  • No need for high-maintenance, expensive telephone systems
  • Modern VoIP telephony
  • Flexible scalability for each user
  • Central user management in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Outstanding performance and security when making calls with the MS Teams client through the Microsoft Cloud

ORBIS CallingONE – how landline telephony with Microsoft Teams works even better

Our ORBIS CallingONE telephony solution is an “all-in-one” SBC (session border controller) and is made available to you and your team as a directly usable cloud service. You don’t need to have your own IT infrastructure or complicated SBC software. All you need is one MS Teams license per user and an SIP trunk. All our services are fully included in the fair monthly rental price. The components of our session border controller also include our PSTN gateway and registrar server.

ORBIS CallingONE – the multi-redundant cloud SBC

The PSTN gateway enables you to connect to SIP providers and switch your telephone provider as you please. Our registrar server allows you to register external and IP-based, local telephone systems and SIP devices over the SIP interface in ORBIS CallingONE, so you and your team can continue using your classic telephony devices alongside Microsoft Teams Phone.

To ensure that you and your team benefit from the greatest possible flexibility, we offer two types of licenses from our SBC ORBIS CallingONE. The first license includes the standard session, and the second license includes the registrar session. This allows you to rent external and internal voice channels separately according to your needs.

Just what exactly is a session border controller (SBC)?

A session border controller (known as an “SBC” for short), connects your desired telephone provider along with the likes of Microsoft Teams Phone System, telephone systems and classic SIP devices to form a single platform.

The SBC acts as an interface between your telephone provider and your terminal devices. This enables you to create a modern telecommunications environment in your company and provide your team with an ideal workplace. Particularly when used in combination with Microsoft Teams Phone, all of your corporate communication activities are consolidated in one app.

All the advantages of our ORBIS CallingONE solution at a glance

We host our telephony solution in a multi-redundant cluster in the Microsoft Azure Data Center in West Germany, taking care to use the best resources to guarantee maximum availability and security when making calls. Connecting to the Microsoft network also allows you to benefit from optimum speed.

Our patch and update cycle is designed so that it doesn’t affect your telephony connection. So you have full performance at all times! With our ORBIS CallingONE cloud-based solution, we focus on providing an immediately usable, technically flawless and reliable service that focuses on quality. Licensing of our SBC is based on two variants, providing maximum transparency without any hidden costs.

Maximum freedom with ORBIS CallingONE

Maximum freedom

  • Free choice of PSTN providers (telephone providers) and plans
  • Integrate SIP trunks, PBX systems and classic terminal devices as you please (through a media gateway)
  • Scalable session-based licenses
Greater flexibility with ORBIS CallingONE

Greater flexibility

  • Compatible with almost all providers and systems, as well as Microsoft Teams Phone
  • No ties to hardware or manufacturers
  • Rental models at fair prices, monthly billing and short contract terms
Maximum telephony security with ORBIS CallingONE

Maximum security

  • Failsafe multi-redundant platform, hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • “Made in Germany” SBC software and cloud data centers
  • Comprehensive support from our ORBIS CallingONE Team

We are your service provider for your digital workplace

Are you ready to turn your vision of the digital workplace into a reality with a reliable partner and benefit from consulting and support from a single source? Then you’ve come to the right place! We provide you and your company with comprehensive support in replacing your existing telephone system in favor of smooth landline telephony with ORBIS CallingONE – the next-generation session border controller.

Benefit from our best practices developed from numerous successfully implemented ORBIS CallingONE projects and our expertise as a long-standing Microsoft Solutions Partner. Together with our ORBIS CallingONE Team, we will overcome the digital workplace challenges you face and take your landline telephony to the next level!

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