Smart construction app ORBIS ConstructionSITE
The innovative app for the digital construction site
ORBIS ConstructionSITE offers you optimum support for your processes on the construction site – even offline

The app for the digital construction site

As a site manager, would you like to carry out the inspection at the client’s construction site without any need to subsequently carry out manual documentation in the construction container? Do you want an easier way of documenting defects, automatically recording potential for additional orders and more efficiently taking measurements?

During numerous site visits to reputable companies operating in the construction industry, our experts analyzed the processes on site at the project. In addition to these valuable insights into everyday life in the construction industry, we have incorporated our in-depth industry knowledge of the construction supply industry in the software development process.

This allowed us to develop a smart app based on the Microsoft Power Platform that allows you and your employees to work on the property on a mobile device (using a smartphone or tablet) and even offline. As a user, you therefore achieve time-saving and intelligent processes for measuring, shoring and documenting the construction project.

“ConstructionSITE enables us to digitalize processes on the construction site and make workflows more efficient. This has made it possible to shorten throughput times – for example, measurements are directly available for further processing.” – Philip Granow, Hörmann KG

How does ORBIS ConstructionSITE help my team with their work on the construction site?

The smart ORBIS solution (based on Microsoft Power Apps) helps construction suppliers and contractors to keep project workflows running smoothly and effortlessly and ensure compliance with your schedule. In the following video, you can learn about the specific advantages that the mobile app offers, from construction documentation in real time (digital construction diary) and precise inspection reports to digital measurements and checklists (creating tasks).

Overview of the innovative construction software from ORBIS

By taking a multi-app strategy, our digitalization experts have constructed an ideal solution for the digital construction site. The software is centrally configurable and, at the same time, has high usability. Both online and offline, use of the new ORBIS ConstructionSITE app makes large, confusing data volumes manageable.

Despite a generic approach, the software is customizable and can therefore be adapted to meet your personal needs. Its multilingual capability means the app can also be rolled out internationally.

The key functions of the smart construction site app

Numerous useful functions are available to you and your team in the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Automatic collection of all the required core data eliminates any need for post-processing in the construction container, since all the reports are forwarded directly to the head office. By digitalizing your workflows, you therefore achieve significant time savings and exploit all the possibilities of the digital transformation.

Simpler site inspection with ORBIS ConstructionSITE

Site inspection with the help of a construction diary

During your site walk-through, make the most of our solution to instantly record all the reports thanks to the use of checklists, a digital construction file and a construction diary on your mobile device. This means that all the data recorded in your walk-through report – including all the photos to back it up – can be found in a single virtual location later on.

Simplified report documentation & communication with ORBIS ConstructionSITE

Report documentation and communication

ORBIS ConstructionSITE facilitates communication between the staff involved in the project and simplifies report documentation in your company (e.g. by directly storing the inspection report in the system). This relevant information is stored and can subsequently be made available to all colleagues, tradesmen and architects, not to mention the general contractor, with a single click.

Precise measuring with Bosch distance meter

Take digital measurements to save time

Using the latest technology, you can take digital measurements with the Bosch Bluetooth-compatible distance meter and our app. This allows you to achieve a time saving of 70% in contrast to measuring manually. The dimensions can then be passed on directly to Production.

Documentation of damage with ORBIS ConstructionSITE

Notification of defects and complete documentation

In the event of a complaint, the defect report can be forwarded directly to the Service department in the company thanks to complete documentation, including photos of the damage. This immediately eliminates defects and ensures the satisfaction of your customers.

Identify potential additional orders with ORBIS ConstructionSITE

Recognize potential for additional orders

Increase your turnover by more easily identifying potential for additional orders, not to mention recording them in the system. Your Sales department is promptly informed of this additional sales potential and can therefore initiate the necessary processes more quickly. Significantly higher turnover can be generated as a result.

ORBIS ConstructionSITE: Optimize customer management workflows

Process optimization in Customer Service

The workflows in your customer management process are optimized thanks to the app, and simplified handling on the part of Customer Service – to increase both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty – is guaranteed. For example, complaints processing and technical support are facilitated, thereby reducing the workload on Customer Service.

Would you like to learn more about our app for the digital construction site? Then why not arrange an individual 1:1 call with our ORBIS construction industry experts? We look forward to hearing from you!

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