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We work with you to improve your project management processes!
Manage complex tasks easily with SAP Project Management software and ORBIS

Manage your projects even more efficiently with SAP Project Management software and S/4HANA

Improve the efficiency and transparency of processes and increase the chances of project success across your business. Whether it's to meet the demands for complex products and services or the development and use of sophisticated IT systems, the project management software SAP PPM allows your project managers to keep an eye on deadlines, costs and quality at all times. And S/4HANA technology makes it all even quicker, more flexible, and more innovative than ever before. ORBIS is there at your side; a partner for successful projects who makes implementing the application just as easy as using it.

By the way: Project management through SAP S/4HANA is available as an on-premise solution as well as a cloud-based software solution.

Advantages of SAP Project Management

Multi-project management software

Multi-project management software

Integration into the extensive SAP platform means your project managers have seamless access to data and functions from other modules and company processes –and this is as flexible and scalable as you need it to be.

Monitoring of project progress

Effective monitoring of project progress

Your project managers can track status, costs, resources, and other relevant information in real time, make better informed decisions for your business and take action sooner when needed.

Simplified collaboration

Simplified collaboration for project managers

Team members can share information, documents, and tasks via the project management tool, which improves communication and reduces bottlenecks and misunderstandings.

Advanced risk assessment

Advanced risk assessment

Identify, assess and monitor potential risks to take proactive action, minimize hazards and successfully deliver projects.

We find the right way for your digital transformation

Our portfolio: We support you with the design and implementation of the following SAP Project Management software

We know our way around complex projects and process structures. Drawing on our extensive experience, we find the project management software that best suits your needs and tailor it to your requirements. As SAP project managers, we specialize in two areas:

For development and IT project management:

SAP Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM)

A powerful tool for implementing project planning in your company the way your customers expect you to – efficiently and transparently.

For production projects:

SAP Project System (SAP PS)

An ideal tool for project managers looking for strong logistical integration, e.g. with Accounting, Procurement, Sales, and Production.

Solution: Easy management of development and IT projects with EPPM and cProjects

Lots of requirements, one software – Portfolio Management and Project Management (EPPM) helps you bring new products to market faster. Thanks to the integrated Collaboration Projects (cProjects) suite, the project management tool allows you to keep track of the entire product development process – all the way from planning and product & process validation to external communication. The result is holistic end-to-end project management.

User-friendly and interactive project structuring: Organize projects clearly into phases, tasks, and checklists using the new Fiori design concept and present them in engaging Gantt charts
Email support for project status reports: Summarize different project data with ease and automatically share with all users via email
Phase-related acceptance scenarios: Use Gantt charts to set up tasks and milestones in a clear and visually effective way
Direct document management: Store project documents centrally for all users via simple drag-and-drop
Multi-project management: Strategically plan and prioritize projects and optimally align them with corporate goals
Flexible resource management: Avoid project bottlenecks and maximize resource productivity

Solution: Manage production projects efficiently with the SAP PS project system

Complex logistics require an equally sophisticated tool – project system software (PS) delivers this thanks to its extensive range of functions. SAP PS supports you as a user in all project phases, from project structuring and detailed planning to implementation and project completion. This enables you to plan, evaluate and manage costs and revenues as effectively as possible.

Flexible and automatic scheduling: Use Gantt charts to manage project planning, identify bottlenecks and overlaps, and make best use of buffer times
Needs-based resource planning: Fully utilize internal resources and their availability
Material procurement to schedule: Provide materials for Production and Purchasing with pinpoint accuracy
Better project controlling: Plan costs and revenues more effectively to allocate budgets according to hierarchy
Measurable project progress: Compare current status and plan data on dashboards and create more accurate forecasts
Evaluation via project information system: Analyze individual, sub, and overall projects separately
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Our holistic consulting approach to agile project management with PM software

Project management needs to be just as efficient as your transition to S/4HANA . That's why we focus on your specific business processes and provide you with solution-oriented support through all project phases of your SAP project. And we share our knowledge in user training sessions on SAP PM and S/4HANA so that we can work with you and your employees to meet all challenges. It’s how we help you achieve agile project management.

As SAP ERP specialists, we get the most out of your business processes with SAP S/4HANA

Need your ERP S/4HANA transformation to be quick and risk-free? This not only requires expertise in the SAP business environment, but also in your relevant industry. We have both and specialize in the processes used by large corporations and mid-size industrial businesses. In addition to project management software solutions, this also includes the following SAP industry solutions: 

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Manage your entire product development and portfolio seamlessly and effectively with PPM, from the initial idea through to implementation and administration.

SAP Variant Configuration

Configure different, highly individualized products; it’s even quicker and easier than before.

SAP Finance & Controlling

Manage Finance and Controlling centrally via a shared database.

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