Use the full-featured MES from SAP in the cloud
SAP Digital Manufacturing
The cloud-based MES system by SAP

SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) to digitalize your shop floor

Turn Industry 4.0 into a reality and connect your business systems from the top enterprise level to your shop floor equipment. Doing so ensures global visibility across all plants and enables you to digitally manage hybrid production workflows through simultaneous performance and monitoring right down to the individual workstation at the same time.

With SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM), a cloud-based platform and SAP’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in the cloud, you can create paperless production in your company with intuitive user interfaces for production staff, automatic data acquisition and setting machine parameters, and thereby cut costs and increase productivity and quality.

The shift and staff scheduling feature also enables you to guarantee business operations in your organization with the right skills. You will be able to plan and schedule production orders, taking labor, resource and maintenance constraints into consideration, and adjust them to accommodate last-minute changes.

What is the SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM)?

SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) is SAP’s cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES). The full-featured MES integrates directly into SAP S/4HANA or your SAP on-prem ERP system and links your business systems and production to increase transparency across all production sites in the cloud. Turn Industry 4.0 into a reality in your company with SAP Digital Manufacturing.

SAP Digital Manufacturing as the MES solution from SAP includes the components Execution (SAP DMe), Insights (SAP DMi) and Manufacturing Network (SAP DMn).

Overview components SAP DM

SAP Digital Manufacturing – Execution

DM Execution (DMe) allows you to connect your company’s management to execution on the shop floor and turn digital monitoring of all production operations into a reality with a view to optimizing resources and execution.

Key features of the Manufacturing Execution function include the completely configurable Production Operator Dashboard (POD), which is the intuitive user interface for operators.

The Production Operator Dashboard in SAP DM

SAP Digital Manufacturing, a cloud solution for Execution, is also used to monitor OEE and manage downtime events. Resource Orchestration (REO) for managing workflows and work assignments helps you in SAP DM to plan manufacturing orders in detail in Production. Other features of DMe include automation interfaces for shop floor-controlled manufacturing events and data acquisition.

SAP Digital Manufacturing: Insights

By using SAP DMi, you can create greater transparency in your manufacturing operations by recording, providing and visualizing key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time. Compare performance between regions, between plants within and across territories, and between workstations and resources, using operational visibility and intelligence. Use the Dashboard Designer to design interactive, digital dashboards that provide user-friendly functions and filtering capabilities.

Similarly, Insights allows you to customize filtering options for quick access to data in the dashboard through the Personalization option. An integrated Alert Management allows you to visualize warning messages with suitable filters and receive alerts if your defined KPIs change. Categorized push notifications by priority enable you to respond to alerts immediately.

SAP DM’s Dashboard Designer

ORBIS helps you to implement SAP DM

Benefit from our process and cloud expertise when implementing Digital Manufacturing, the MES from SAP, and meet your Industry 4.0 requirements with the cloud application. Through the option of integrating SAP DM into your intralogistics processes in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) or in ORBIS’s proprietary logistics solutions, we work with you to turn the interplay of intralogistics and production into a reality to create your very own individual Smart Factory.

Together with you, we evaluate your added value of integrating SAP Digital Manufacturing into your business processes.

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