ORBIS Information Management System
Assistance system for data processing and evaluation

ORBIS Information Management System (IMS)

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Based on the technology of the ORBIS Multi-Process Suite, the ORBIS Smart Factory consists of three components: ORBIS MES, ORBIS Logistics and ORBIS Information Management System (ORBIS IMS).

As an assistance system for processing and evaluating process-relevant data, the solution meets all requirements for making a Smart Factory even smarter: Relevant information is available in real time, visualization options and decision support are provided and predefined rules are automatically executed. Thus, ORBIS IMS automatically initiates follow-up processes and enables a structured escalation management.

Your benefits from ORBIS IMS:

  • Rule-based triggering or initiation of follow-up events
  • Increase of process transparency and security, for example, the ability to absorb disturbance variables
  • Escalation management and workflow functions
  • Valuable data basis for further analyses

Structure and functions of ORBIS IMS

Infographic Functionality of ORBIS IMS

The heart of IMS is the "Rule Engine". Based on knowledge and experience, you maintain rules that follow your business processes. IMS converts the received data into information, warnings and alarms, forwards them and triggers follow-up processes. The modified information from IMS can reach the employees via different channels, such as push messages.

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