Real-time networking with the ORBIS Multi-Process Suite
DIGITALIZATION - Continuous real-time integration of all stakeholders in the smart factory

ORBIS Multi-Process Suite (ORBIS MPS)

The enabler for industry 4.0 processes in the Smart Factory

ORBIS MPS allows the seamless and real-time integration of people and technical objects (all stakeholders) into the SAP processes. Our Digitalization Suite is fully embedded in SAP ERP and S/4 HANA and eliminates paper-based communication and information exchange. Process-relevant information is digitalized, processed in a way that is comprehensible to the receiver and therefore ensures fast, continuous process automation.

Continuous process automation with ORBIS MPS - Fully integrated in SAP

End-to-end process automation with ORBIS MPS

Benefit of ORBIS MPS

  • Continuous process integration of people, machines, plants, devices, systems, and sensors
  • Process acceleration: Quick, automated exchange of information
  • Mirroring of shop floor 1:1 in real-time in SAP
  • Processes: Push, pull, event control
  • Process navigation and transparency through visualization on all output devices
  • Use of existing SAP infrastructure
  • Reduction of interfaces, systems, and potential sources of error

Multi-Process Suite – modules

The ORBIS Multi-Process Suite (ORBIS MPS) is modular. The individual modules are designed to integrate people and technical objects, such as subsystems, devices and controls, into SAP. Information is exchanged across systems and visualized on a platform-independent and user-specific basis.

Modular structure of the ORBIS Multi-Process Suite

Modules of ORBIS MPS

ORBIS Multi-Process Interface (ORBIS MPI)

Configurable device and system coupler

ORBIS Multi-Process Protocol (ORBIS MPP)

Bi-directional, high-performance communication

ORBIS Multi-Process Viewer (ORBIS MPV)

Platform-independent process dialogs and visualization

More about ORBIS Smart Factory

Smart Factory by ORBIS

Continuous process automation and "real-time" networking of all actors in the digital factory - 100% integrated in SAP.

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